How to Easily Get Crazy Travel Deals

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How to Easily Get Crazy Travel Deals

We all want to get up and go. But travel can be expensive. Who isn’t looking for travel discounts? Here are some tips on how to find crazy travel deals. After, follow the link to learn about the best free crazy travel deal programs that every frequent traveler needs to join.

1. Having flexible travel dates helps to get crazy deals.  

Many times when booking travel, we have specific dates in mind. It’s understandable; kids have school, we have work and other responsibilities. However, if you can plan to be flexible, then you have a better chance of getting great rates on things like airline tickets, hotel rooms, and even excursions. It’s not uncommon to see a $50-$100 difference in airline ticket prices from one day to the next. For example, you might see a fare of $279 on a Monday. The same flight could be $139 with a Tuesday departure. Always check multiple dates to compare prices. It could save you hundreds of dollars. 

2. To get crazy travel deals, plan ahead.

In general, the best rates for a flight tend to be available 3-6 months before traveling. When you try to book your flight within one to two months, you’ll see an increase. This is because, as the travel date grows closer, flights fill up. It’s a simple case of supply and demand. Start looking at flights at least four months in advance. Check multiple sites for the best rates, and when you see a good fare, book it! Don’t wait.

4. Use a rewards program.

Rewards programs are simply magical. Points accumulate, and before you know it, you have a free flight or hotel room. Rewards programs come in many forms. Join a hotel program, so every time you book with that chain, you’re earning points toward your next stay. Online booking sites have reward systems, too. Book with them over and over to earn points. Every one has site-specific rules and conditions which apply, so you’ll want to read up on each one. In some cases, you can use a regular old credit card to buy groceries and earn points toward your next flight or hotel stay. Check out different programs to see which ones best suit your needs. When searching, keep your spending habits in mind. If you aren’t a frequent traveler, you may be better off with a credit card, so that your everyday purchases can earn you the travel points you need. Often, these new cards come with a significant number of bonus points. These are a great start and can help you to earn a free hotel room or airline ticket pretty quickly.

5. Call a travel agent.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “You would say that because you are a travel agent.” However, it’s true. We plan trips all day long. We know who’s running specials, we know which hotels are offering the best rates, we know which cruise lines are boasting the most benefits. A travel agent can find travel discounts where consumers can’t. Travel agents are your best resource. Utilize them. Their services are free. Resorts, cruise lines, and tour companies pay us, not travelers. Check Living Learned Travel before booking. Call me/text/email me. I’m always happy to help. If an agent does charge a booking fee, it’s because they are paying a fee for the specific resource used to book your trip. This is particularly true when booking with a vendor who offers reduced costs or when working with luxury or specialty vacation providers.

6. Check for special discounts before booking anything.

Call the hotels, car rentals, or airline customer service numbers to ask for their current promotions or travel discounts. Use Google to search for coupon codes. Are you a veteran or an active-duty military member? Seniors, teachers, and police officers are often entitled to discounts. AAA and AARP members get exclusive discounts, too. Sometimes family deals are offered. Seeing kids fly/eat/stay free promotions is also common. Offers like this save parents hundreds of dollars each year.

7. Use Rakuten.

Rakuten gives you a percentage back, but it also runs the coupon check for you automatically. This way, you always know you’re getting the best price. Even if no coupons are found (which is rare), the percentage stated when you began shopping is guaranteed. This awarded percentage accumulates as cash in your Rakuten account. Every quarter, Rakuten sends you a Big Fat check for the total amount earned.

crazy travel deals rakuten

Rakuten offers cashback for all kinds of purchases. Whether you’re shopping on Amazon or major department stores, you can take advantage of this cash reward program. Rakuten allows you to search for specific items as well. After entering the name of the desired item in the search bar, Rakuten shows you several stores along with the cashback percentage offered at each. It couldn’t be easier. Shoppers never pay membership fees. There is absolutely no cost to use this program.

It’s easy to get crazy travel deals when you know when and where to look. A key factor for taking advantage of travel discounts is remaining flexible and open-minded. Having a plan certainly helps, too. Remember to check with a travel agent before planning your trip. Use rewards systems to offset costs and always check to see if you’re eligible for discounts. Here you can find the 9 best free travel deal rewards programs to join.

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