How to Choose the Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

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How to Choose the Best Orthopedic Dog Bed

Does watching your dog rise from a nap make you feel nostalgic for those puppy days? Seeing our best friends age is hard. We often feel helpless. Although, there there are steps we can take to help them feel younger longer. Choosing the best orthopedic pet bed is one of the easiest and arguably one of the most effective ways to bring out the puppy in your pet.

Veterinarians report that arthritis and other joint conditions are very serious issues for dogs. In the same vein, both large and small breeds can suffer from these painful ailments. However,  many pet owners don’t even realize their furry friends are suffering since it’s common for dogs to hide or downplay their pain.

It May Not Be Age That’s Slowing Your Dog Down.

People have the misconception that their pooch is slowing down because they’ve gotten older. However, this isn’t always the case. Which is why talking with your vet is always suggest. As a result,  joint conditions can be properly diagnosed. The right care can make all the difference in your pet’s health and happiness.

How You Can Help 

Firstly, being proactive can reduce the risk and the severity of these conditions. Make sure your dog gets plenty of low impact exercise and by keep her on a healthy diet. For instance, a healthy diet can help to slow growth in puppies. Moreover, a good diet aids in maintaining a lean body. Both work wonders to your pet’s health. Still, no matter how well you care for your pet, not all forms of arthritis in pups is preventable. As a result, there are many treatment options out there.

An orthopedic dog bed could make all the difference.

For example, one that can make a huge impact without a prescription is the right kind of bed. Orthopedic pet beds are recommended by many veterinarians to help ease the pain, provide relief from stiffness and contribute to better overall sleep.

What is an orthopedic bed?

Made specifically to provide extra relief by cushioning and supporting joints and bones, orthopedic pet beds come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. Foam-filled, heated, cooling, and bolster options are all available. Prices also vary depending on the size, quality and features of these therapeutic puppy pleasers.

Does my pooch need an orthopedic bed?

If your dog hops out of bed, gives a good stretch, and happily bounces off to start their day, then your pet is probably sleeping on a comfortable, supportive surface and getting a healthy night’s sleep. However, if your pup is getting up slowly, is stiff and sore, and saunters groggily for a while after waking up, then it may be time to invest in a better bed.

Age and size definitely play a role in the onset of joint conditions that cause pain and stiffness in canines, but even an older dog shouldn’t be waking up like this. Bigger dogs are more prone to developing these conditions since the extra weight puts extra stress on their joints. The most common form of arthritis in dogs is due to degenerative changes caused by age, overuse or developmental problems. Hip, elbow and knee dysplasia are all common forms of osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease (DJD) in dogs.

Breed is also a factor. Golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, and German shepherds are a few that are naturally more prone to developing inflammation in their joints. While some breeds, especially small toy breeds, are prone to knee dysplasia, or malformed knee joints. Dachshunds, basset hounds and bulldogs are a few breeds that are genetically predisposed to cartilage disorders, which leads to joint problems and pain.

Even if your best friend isn’t suffering, orthopedic pet beds provide a comfortable and restful slumber which makes for a more fun, active, play-filled day. Who doesn’t want that for their furry pal?

Choosing the Right Bed

With so many options out there, it can be pretty hard to know exactly which orthopedic pet bed is right for your pooch. Although, when choosing a bed, be sure to consider the size of your pet, bigger is always better. I know I don’t love it when my feet hang off the end of a far too small bed! First, you’ll want to measure your pup’s height and length. Then, choose a bed that’s at least four to five inches bigger. I looked at many beds to find the highest quality, most comfortable options available. My search results have been narrowed down to the top-five based on factors like size, quality of materials, durability, joint and bone support, ease of cleaning, and customer reviews.

The Big Barker


Although I personally found the Big Barker to be the least aesthetically pleasing, it does seem to be the best of the best for our pets. After all, their health and comfort are the first priority. There are four color options, so they do make an effort to help it fit in to the décor of any home.

It’s machine washable and scored 10,000 or higher on a standard Wyzenbeek Abrasion test. Moreover, the strong microfiber fabric is said to surpass material used on high-quality furniture. Subsequently withstanding rubbing, scratching, and nesting. Additionally, this company can even brag about the 150-inch zipper. It surrounds 75% of the bed, which makes for effortless cover removal when it’s time for a wash.


A high-density support core is surrounded by Big Barker’s own specially created 3-stage blend of American made foam to ensure your pet never has direct contact with the floor.

Since every size option supports up to a 300-pound animal, your dog is sure to fit. Moreover, Certi-PurUS certified  foam meets “rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance and durability”. In other words, it’s really strong and free of harmful chemicals.

Price and Size:

Boasting 7” of this uniquely designed foam, a Big Barker bed ranges in price from $199 to $399. Final costs depends on the size and edition chosen. The Sleek edition is headrest-free. On the other hand, the Headrest Edition does. With this option, the headrest is 4” high and 8” deep. As a result of the innovative design, no usable sleeping space is wasted.

Dogs under 50lbs love the 4” Barker Junior. This model ranges in price from $199 to $219, depending on size. These are available in small, medium and large.  The Barker Junior edition features a headrest and a softer foam for the smaller pups. A one year money-back guarantee comes standard. However, their “can’t flatten, won’t flatten” promise is backed with an impressive 10-year warranty.

Sealy Lux Quad Layer Orthopedic Dog Bed with Cooling Gel


This one looks a bit more stylish and comes in autumn brown, military green, modern grey or navy. As hard as I looked, I couldn’t find the exact material of the cover, but it is machine washable, has a waterproof liner, the zipper is hidden, and it has a non-slip bottom. low bolsters provide additional support for your pet’s neck and back. It has a water-resistant liner to protect the foam core and a non-skid bottom, so it always stays in place.


This bed mimics the luxury and comfort of the human Sealy mattress with 4 foam layers. Each layer serves a very specific, defined purpose. The first layer is a Cooling Energy Gel which regulates body temperature, below that is Pet Rest Memory Foam which conforms to your pet’s body, adapts to movement and helps increase circulation. Next, we find their Bio-Orthopedic foam which eliminates pressure points by evenly distributing body weight. Finally, a Pr-Charcoal HD Foam Base serves as an additional layer of support while absorbing odors.

Price and Size:

Sealy Lux Premium ranges in price from around $99 to $199 and comes in small, medium, large and extra-large. The depth of this bed ranges from 5.5” inches up to 8” depending on the size. The depth of the medium sized Sealy Lux is 7”, which is the same as all Big Barker models. Sealy offers a 5-year warranty.



So, there are no color options here. These beds are purple. Well, they’re really a charcoal grey with purple accents. The easily removable preshrunk 100% cotton canvas is  non-toxic, hypoallergenic. Additional features include odor-neutralizing and antimicrobial capabilities.Plus the canvas is waterproof, washable, stain and moisture resistant. There are three sizes available: small, medium and large.


Also modeled after their human beds, Purple has their own “Purple Smart Comfort Grid”, made of hyper-elastic polymer. Designed to relieve pressure points while sleeping, this polymer flexes under pressure allowing air flow under and around your pet. As a result, pets remain comfortable. Additionally,  2” gel enhanced memory foam keeps your pet cool while 3” high density support, natural latex and foam make up the base providing hip and joint support. These components make up what they call the “Comfort Core”. This is wrapped in an antimicrobial, waterproof and odor-proof protector, which means no bacteria and no smell.

Price and Size:

These range from $150-$269.  Purple offers a 100-night guarantee and a one-year warranty. The bed comes in three (small) sizes. “Small” is designed for an 8-pound dog. While “medium” accommodates up to a 16-pound pet. Finally, the “large” will accommodates up to a 25-pound pet. The depth of all three sizes is 5”. Consequently, this is the same as the smallest sized Sealy Lux model beds.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge


This one comes in chocolate brown, sandstone (with plush) or slate grey. The removable anti-tear cotton and polyester twill cover is water resistant, durable and can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dried.  It is certified as “SKIN CONTACT SAFE”. For optimal support, this bed also has thick recycled “Green” polly-fill bolsters. A no- skid bottom keeps the bed in place, and you can buy replacement covers.


First, this bed passes European REACH safety standards. Also, a waterproof inner liner protects the memory foam and your floors. Finally, the small has a two-inch memory-foam base, the large and extra-large each have a four-inch memory foam base and the jumbo has a six-inch memory foam base.

Price and Size:

This bed ranges from $70-$250. Most notably, sizes are differentiated by surface area and by the size of their medium-firmness memory foam base. Certainly, 100-pound dogs can rest very comfortably on the jumbo-sized bed. Moreover, PetFusion’s 24-month warranty. Thus, covering any part(s) broken due to manufacturer defect.

Our pets are our family, we want to give them the best life possible. Healthy, comfortable pooches are happy pooches. If your pup is arthritic or suffering from other joint or bone conditions, or even If you just see that your pup isn’t as energetic or mobile as they used to be, look at how their spending sleep time. A quality nap may be just what the doctor ordered..

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