Why Every Travel Blogger (Or Anyone Who Likes Travel + Money) Needs To Be A Travel Agent

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I’m about to tell you WHY you need to become a travel agent. After, keep reading to find out HOW to get started.

As a Blogger, You’re Already Doing Half the Work

Travel bloggers connect their readers with the world of adventure. We share stories and experiences to inspire, educate, and entertain. Our main objective is to help and serve our readers while sustaining a profitable business. We learn to diversify income streams, use social media to increase traffic, and produce tools and resources to provide readers with value.

Becoming a travel agent amplifies your reach, provides an opportunity for massive profit margin growth and opens up a whole new world of service to your readers.

Readers follow bloggers because they love feeling like they’re part of the adventure. They envision themselves taking the same journey. Help make their dreams a reality. You’ve already taught them when to go, how to pack, where to stay, and what to eat.  Moreover, you already know where to book their stay and how their itinerary should unfold. You’ve already done half the work. Why wouldn’t you take them the rest of the way?

Becoming a Travel Agent Aligns Perfectly with Any Blogger’s Mission of Service

Becoming a travel agent aligns perfectly with any blogger’s mission of service to their community because the next natural step for readers is to book their own expeditions. We can facilitate that by offering the best packages, prices, and deals, no matter our brand’s niche.

Travel agents have access to a wonderfully extensive array of services, products, and travel tools that can easily be added to your content to increase value for any audience. As a bonus, when a reader books through you, you get more than the small affiliate commissions offered through traditional programs.

Become a Travel Agent

Travel Bloggers Already Work with the Same Partners as Travel Agents

Love Expedia? Use Expedia Tapp as a travel agent to craft and book everything for your clients’ trip and earn more than you did as an affiliate marketer. The Expedia group includes everyone from Hotels.com, Trivago, HomeAway, Orbitz, Travelocity, HotWire, CheapTickets, Traveldoo, and more.

Are you a fan of Viator Tours? There are several ways to help your readers book an excursion or activity. When you create site-specific widgets, Viator tours can work exactly the same as your current affiliate partners. Add them to your website and let your readers book tours directly. Additionally, you can add a Viator tour when booking a client package. Being a travel agent gives a blogger more versatility.

Evolution Travel, the agency I work with, connected me to more suppliers than I could ever realistically use. No matter your niche or travel  budget, you’ll find partners that are the right fit for you.

Below are only a few of the vendors we work with:

Expedia travel agent

Never Sell Travel & Still Benefit from the Perks

Additionally, there are tons of benefits any travel blogger can use. Many agents simply use the discounts and benefits and choose not to even sell travel. This doesn’t make much sense to me. However, if you don’t love “sales”, this may work for you. Abundant saving adds up fast for frequent travelers.

Agents are entitled to free and discounted flights, hotels, car rentals, meals, cruises, all-inclusive resorts, shows, activities, and so much more. As a frequent traveler, even if you NEVER sell any travel packages, travel agents save ridiculous amounts of money just by using the discounts and benefits.

For instance, your business starts with a free cruise and park tickets to Disney and Universal, and that’s just the beginning. We are privy to special pricing that could save any traveler thousands of dollars per trip. This kind of savings allows you to take a real vacation, free from the pressure of deadlines, sponsor needs, and required posts.

For example, I was absolutely floored when I saw that we could stay an entire week in Costa Rica for less than $140! Less than $140 for AN ENTIRE WEEK. It’s insane.

Moreover, the accommodations are amazing. This was a 3 bedroom unit with a full kitchen. I am not allowed to disclose actual prices or commissions. However, the screenshot below shows where an agent would go inside the system to check out offers like these. Offers of this nature are available across the globe. Costa Rica is only one example of many, many options. Imagine the blog content you could collect in Costa Rica! We’re talking Instagram-worthy-beautiful. 

Do Even More

Again, there tons of options for leveraging the tools at your disposal.

Two income-generating ideas for using these trips, off the top of head (literally, I need to do both!):

  1. Use a trip like this as a “prize” or “award” to increase engagement, build your email list, or fill a webinar for another product or service.
  2. Charge a monthly subscription and have a page dedicated to insanely low deals. Update the page each week. You’d be selling the trip for a smaller commission, but you’d  be creating a consistent income from recurring monthly/annual membership payments. Consequently, you’d be providing your audience with an amazing service and earning a profit to sustain your business.

You Can (Still) Work From Anywhere

Being a travel agent doesn’t mean working at a brick and mortar travel agency. You are the agency. Travel agents are virtual assistants, helping clients from around the world entirely online. As a result, gone are the days of restricted  markets. Just like your blog, your agency market is global. You already know that when you’re doing business for yourself, from your computer, the possibilities are endless.

More importantly, there is no need to revamp your current website, simply add your travel booking links and pages to your current platform. With my company, my travel agency site is automatically created, all I had to do was tweak a few things to make it “mine”. I added my name and photo before adding my favorite special offers. 

To see for yourself, you can visit my travel agent site here

Learn More or Become an Agent

Today we’ve only scratched the surface to how becoming a travel agent can benefit your blogging business. Providing a new service by helping your loyal fans book trips, further diversifying your income stream, and taking advantage of deeply discounted travel are only the beginning.

As promised, I have included more information to help you see how to become an agent, visit my Become A Travel Agent page.  (HINT: It’s MUCH easier than you think!) 

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