Give the Gift of Travel

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Gift of Travel is Always on My List What do you want this year? For me, it’s the same thing I want every year, the gift of travel. Take me to the beach. Sail me away on a cruise ship. Book me a bungalow in the jungle; it doesn’t…

Travel With Purpose

Reading Time: 12 minutes What Does it Mean to Travel with Purpose? I learned how to travel with purpose fairly recently. One year, for Christmas, we decided not to get presents. Instead, we’d gift our children a wonderfully relaxing, long-overdue family vacation. We searched the internet for fun family destinations. My husband loves the…

Just say no to school field trips

Reading Time: 14 minutes I’m sure you can think of more but let’s start by discussing the top 10 reasons we say “no” to our kids’ school field trips. Why waste hard-earned money sending kids on expensive, horror-filled jaunts when they can participate in productive, adequately supervised, safe learning routines?