25 Digital Etsy Products You Can Start Selling Today

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25 Digital Etsy Products You Can Start Selling Today

When I first started my Etsy shop, I made a crucial mistake. As a result, my shop failed. Miserably. So, I’d like to help you avoid making the same mistake.

My Etsy shop was called Stained Splinters. Woodworking was my thing. I enjoyed everything from finding the right piece of wood to sanding it down to staining and finishing it. However, the process was long, difficult, and costly. Therefore, I had had a hard time keeping up production.

Set-it-and-forget-it is the way to go

If you’re thinking about starting an Etsy shop, consider selling something simpler. I needed a “set-it-and-forget-it” product. My dream was to sell an item that I only had to create once. For this, digital prints are perfect.

Physical products have to be made and then mailed.

In this case, high volume sales mean high stress. And, sleepless nights spent endlessly creating products. Quality suffers. Moreover, morale and enthusiasm begin to fade. On the other hand, digital print files are uploaded to an Etsy store one time. Then, an unlimited number of customers can download the file. Most importantly, this happens automatically upon payment. Sellers never have to lift a finger.

Some digital prints may not warrant a high price tag per unit sold, but you can sell a bunch with little to no work. Eventually, this can become a relatively passive source of income.

On the other hand, I don’t want to mislead you.

Of course, there is work involved. To ensure success, specific tasks do need completing regularly.

For example, prompt and helpful customer service is essential. Since a great seller responds quickly and professionally to customer inquiries, you’ll need to be available when these requests come in.

Moreover, promoting your store can be a full-time job on its own. Also, adding new, fresh products to your store keeps it relevant. Ultimately, encouraging buyers to return to make further purchases.

Types of Downloads 

Sellers usually offer one or more of three basic digital product options.

Another key point is that sellers offer one or more of three basic digital product options.

Instant Download

Think of this as “what you see is what you get.”  That is to say, neither the buyer or the seller makes changes to the product. So, the buyer will receive a product identical to the image shown in the listing.

Editable Download

In this case, buyers can make pre-determined changes to the product. First buyers make their purchase. Then, they download the file. Upon opening the file, specific fields can be changed or altered. For example, if you sell invitations, editable fields may include the time, date, address, or special instructions.

Customizable Download

For this option, the seller makes changes to the product before the buyer downloads it. As a consequence, this can be a lot of work for a busy seller. Each time an order comes in, the seller will have to make custom changes to the design. Generally, the seller will send a “mock-up” to the customer for final approval before sending the actual file. This review gives the customer a chance to check for misspellings or other errors. Finally, the final product is digitally delivered.

Below, I have included some examples for each type of digital product. However, these only skim the surface of possibilities. Think outside the box and get creative. Keep in mind, on Etsy, originality sells.


1. Planners

First on my list of 25 Digital Etsy Products, is Planners. Planners are incredibly versatile, and people love them. Since they have many uses, creators have a lot of options. For instance, designs, formats, and even subjects can vary. Makers can target a specific type of audience (buyers/customers) based on design style or planner type or topic.

For example, I could make travel itineraries. To begin with, I might focus on a “Wanderlust” theme for each of my products. In this case, all of my products would have the same look and feel. Or, I could create multiple designs with a standard layout.

Additionally, I could sell packs or individual pages. So a Travel Pack might include a trip planner, itinerary, packing list, and pre and post-trip checklists.

Types of planners:

Money: budget, financial, goal setting/tracking, spending trackers, cashflow
Health: exercise, meals, meditation, self-care
Entertainment/Travel: party planners, wedding planner, honeymoon planner, travel itineraries, trip organization, destination wedding planner, packing lists, pre-trip checklists, bucket lists.


2. Stickers

Stickers are fun and easy to create. These have also always been a great seller on Etsy. First, customers will buy and download the template. Then, they print them at home on sticker paper they purchase on their own. Therefore, you never have to print or mail anything.

Types of stickers:

Planner Labels/Add-ons
Themed (flowers/clowns/hearts, etc.)
Kitchen/Food Labels
Name/Address Labels
Water Bottle labels
Party Favors

Beautiful cards are a great product to sell on Etsy.


3. Cards

Store-bought cards are getting more and more expensive. Now, anyone can thoughtfully (and creatively) express their feelings with some card stock and a great design from Etsy. As a result, shoppers save money. Further, printing cards at home is easy and convenient. Most importantly, buyers are getting a uniquely designed product.

Types of Cards:

Editable (customers can add their own text)
Thank you
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Miss You
Religious Holidays
Gift Tags 


4. Invitations

Much like cards, invitations can be expensive. Without a doubt, people can find printable options for less on Etsy. In addition to lower cost, Etsy offers more variety and unique designs. Also similar to cards, they’re easy to print from home.

Types of Invitations:

Bachelor Party
Bachelorette Party
Bridal Shower
Baby Shower
Adult Birthday
Child Birthday
Religious Events


5. Envelopes

When selling envelopes, be sure to include the envelope size for which your design is formatted, as well as printing and assemble instructions, if applicable.

Types of Envelopes:

Junk Journals
Wedding Envelopes
Invitation Envelopes
Cash Envelopes
Classic Envelopes
Various Sized Envelopes
Baby Shower Envelopes
Envelope Liners

25 Digital Products You Can Start Selling on Etsy Today 



Here the possibilities are endless. So, I won’t give you a specific list. However, consider shapes, colors, and styles that will attract buyer interest. When selling bookmarks of a unique shape, be sure to include an assembly template or other clear instructions. If a supply list is needed, be sure to include that, too. Furthermore, you may want to create a YouTube video showing your customers how to fold, cut, or craft the bookmarks. Since YouTube is so popular, your YouTube explainer video will also serve as a marketing tool.

YouTube Channel Art

7. YouTube Channel Art

Each of these products is custom. Therefore, selling YouTube Channel art is more time consuming than other options listed here. Most Etsy retailers state a 1-2-day delivery time. As a seller, you can choose whatever delivery time you like, just be sure to deliver on time. Also, consider competitor turnaround times. If you take much longer to deliver than other sellers, you could lose buyers.


8.  Games

An entertaining digital product, games are good sellers. Possibilities are also endless here.

Types of Games:

Baby Shower
Bridal Shower
Decks of Cards
Crossword Puzzles
Dart Boards/Targets
Play Money
Charades Cards
Pictionary Cards
Word Searches
Coloring Pages Phone filters

Photo Backdrops

9. Photo Backdrops

For this one, think parties. Often, party planners work to include tons of photo ops. Since we’re living in this ever Instagramable world, it makes sense. For any type of event, photo backdrops have become a staple decor item.

Not surprisingly, a good party also has a theme. So, when creating photo backdrops, be sure to keep this in mind. For instance, a brick wall tagged with graffiti might make be fun for an 80s themed party. Similarly, the image of a stork flying through fluffy clouds in a soft blue sky could be cute for a baby shower. However, unicorns, emojis, Dr. Seuss, monkeys, flowers, pineapples and even jelly beans serve as party themes.

Lightroom Filters

10. Lightroom Image Filters

If you’re proficient in photography and photo editing, then this could be your digital product niche. Ultimately, any business needs strong branding. As a result, most use filters to ensure consistency. Since I am a blogger, my Lightroom (along with most other Adobe photo product) skills are lacking. Therefore, I have purchased at least three different Lightroom filter packages.

When you’re working with a great seller, these are fantastic. Most importantly, a great seller includes explicit, easy to follow directions. Unfortunately, this is what I struggled with the most. In the end, the time it took to download the files from my very first purchase cost me hours. Without question, it was not a fun experience from a consumer’s perspective.

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Sell wall art on Etsy.

25 Digital Products You Can Start Selling on Etsy Today 


11. Stationary

Create affordable stationery for events such as baby showers, baptisms and birthdays. Additionally, there is a strong market for personal or business stationery. Consumers purchase and download your designs. Then, have the ability to print it on the paper of their choice.

Business Cards

12. Business Cards

In addition to business stationary, professionals need business cards. These can be customized or editable. Either way, it’s important to include dimensions and best printing materials, including sizes and dimensions.

Wall Art

13. Wall Art

Wall art can be created in different sizes and certainly a plethora of styles. If you are an photographer, artist, have a knack for interior design, or just love to create beautiful images, this could be your niche. The best advice I can give when creating for this niche-be yourself. Let your personality shine through and your troop will find you.

Snapchat Filters

14. Snapchat Filters

Some things to know when creating Snapchat filters:

  • Files should be 1080px wide by 2340px high.
  • Files should be under 300 KB in size.
  • File resolution should be 72 DPI. You might get an error message if the DPI is too high!
  • Files should be saved as a .PNG file with a transparent background.
    Save your Filter from the File menu using ‘Save>Save for Web (Legacy)’ and select the ‘PNG-24’ preset from the drop down menu.
  • Leave enough free space available so Snapchatters can still see what’s in their Snap after they apply your Filter. We suggest you only use the top or bottom 25% of the screen — Snapchatters want to see themselves in their selfies!

Travel Resources

15. Travel Resources

A great trip takes a lot of planning. So, there are tons of opportunities for printable resources in this niche. With this in mind, I have included an extensive list of possibilities. However, it’s not necessarily all-inclusive. So, get creative. Think about planners, organizers, or checklists you’d find handy when planning a vacation.

Types of Travel Resources:

Pre-trip checklists
Post-trip checklists
Road Trips
-planning template
-packing guide
-packing checklist
-games for kids
International Trips
-planning template
-packing guide
-packing checklist
Traditional Trip
-planning template
-packing guide
-packing checklist
Bucket Lists
Journal Pages
Budget Planner
Savings Tracker
Where I’ve Been Map

25 Digital Products You Can Start Selling on Etsy Today 

Chore/Task Charts + Checklists

16. Chore/Task Charts and Checklists

Chore charts are the best. They are a great motivational, organizational and accountability tools. Plus, design options are basically unlimited.

Types of Chore Charts:

Kid’s Chores
Kid’s Homework
Morning Routine
Daily Routine
Evening Routines
Chore Cards
Cleaning Chart
Allowance Tracker
Daily To-Dos

Resume Templates

17. Resume Templates

Since a good resume is so important, job-seekers are willing to buy them. Well, the format, at least. In fact, a well-formed, professional resume serves as a first impression. As a result, creative, unique templates do very well when listed on Etsy. Obviously, these need to be editable.

Scrapbook Pages

18. Scrapbook Pages

Design options are also endless here. For example, an Etsy shop could have one theme or a myriad of colors and styles. For instance, a shop might choose to sell strictly wedding scrapbook art. On the other hand, one may choose to focus on a whimsical, antique style with options for all occasions.

Journal Add-ons

19. Journal Add-ons

Printable journal add-ons are much like scrapbook pages. There are many options.

25 Digital Products You Can Start Selling on Etsy Today 

Business Forms

20. Business Forms

Types of Business Forms:

Income/Expense Reports
Enrollment Forms
Small Business Planners
Inventory Tracker
Budget Tracker
Purchase Order Forms
Employee Information Sheet
Employee Disciplinary Forms
Social Media Planners
Content Planners

Recipe Cards

21. Recipe Cards

A myriad of styles and colors can be used when talking about recipe cards. Again, creativity is limitless. However, this product does need to be editable.


22. Logos

Designing and selling logos for other businesses is a big business. Most business owners aren’t graphic designers. Moreover, owners prefer not to spend a lot of time attempting to create a mediocre representation of their company. Brand-defining logos must be high quality.

Each of these products is custom. Therefore, a business logo design shop also consumes a lot more time. Most Etsy retailers impose a 2-6 day delivery time. Additionally, multiple revisions are offered. Since, the final product really does need to be perfect. As a seller, you can choose whatever delivery time you like as well as the permitted number of revisions, just be sure to deliver on time. Also, consider competitor turn around times. If you take much longer to deliver than other sellers, you could lose buyers.

On a side note, a great addition to a logo design shop is custom website creation. Just some food for thought.

Embroidery Designs 

23. Embroidery Designs

So, I know very little about sewing or embroidery. Most importantly, though, I know that when I look at these types of listings in Etsy, there are a lot of them. Additionally, I can see that they are offered in DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, SEW, VIP VP3, or XXX formats. Moreover, I know that other Etsy sellers who sell physical products often shop Etsy for new designs. So, the market is built in to the platform.

In any event, if you’re thinking about this option, or any of the 25 digital products you can start selling on Etsy today, then I recommend starting your research with a purchase. This way, you’ll have a chance to browse other stores. As a result, you’ll see what other shoppers see. Consequently, you can become a better seller. Similarly, evaluate the whole process. Contemplate purchase options and  the variety of product choices. Further, turnaround times, item descriptions, and customer reviews are also worth noting.


24. eBooks

There are several ways to create an ebook. I like Canva. ebooks are saved as either PDF, EPUB, AZW, or ODF formats. When selling on Etsy, a PDF works well. However, if you have created an ebook, it’s probably worth while to also sell it on Amazon.

Two resources for converting a PDF into an EPUB file:

Online Convert is one of the more reliable web-based options out there, and you can use it to convert a wide variety of file types. Aside from converting PDFs to EPUBs, you can also do conversions such as DOCX files to DOC.

The EPUBator app for Android allows you to convert PDFs directly on your smartphone or tablet. It’s easy to use, too, rendering it a go-to solution for those looking to convert PDF files on the go.

To convert a PDF into an AZW file:

First, AZW is Kindle’s native file type.

Amazon offers its own service to convert the file to Kindle AZW, for a fee.

Aconvert.com is an extensional site of PDFConvertOnline.com. Not just PDF, Aconvert.com can also convert all kinds of document,  ebook, image,  icon,  video, audio and archive files online for free. The letter “A” in domain name stands for “All”.

Educational Tools

25. Educational Tools

Again, when it comes to the 25 digital Etsy products on this list, educational game possibilities are endless. Check the link below to see for yourself. Additionally, if you choose this option, you should also consider listing your products on Teachers Pay Teachers. In fact, you can check that site here.

Types of Educational Tools:

Sorting Mats (colors/vowels/sounds/even-odd numbers, etc.)
Matching Games (amphibians/sounds/colors/shapes)
Word Game Anagrams
Word Sorts
Scavenger Hunts

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