100 At Home Activity Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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It can be hard to think of fun new ways to keep the kids occupied at home. In order to help, here’s our list of 100 Fun and Productive at Home Activities to Do With Kids. Try doing one a day, or get the printable version an pull it out whenever you hear them say, “I’m bored.”

Activity Ideas # 1-10

  1. Practice interviewing for a job. Now is a great time to start building real-world skills. First, have your child pretend they are applying for a job. Then, have them fill out an application. After, schedule the interview. You can give a few pointers and help prep beforehand. Also, have them get dressed up since proper attire is a crucial part of any successful interview. Prepare a few interview questions. You play the role of the “hiring manager”. Conduct the interview as if performing a play. Try not to break character. Use our Career Readiness: Apply for a Job Activity to help.
  2. Let them pretend to be a teacher and play “School.” 
  3.  Have them create a test or workbook page with an answer key. Kids can write math problems or questions about a book they’ve been reading. Siblings can take each other’s tests, or parents can take the tests. 
  4. Have family meetings.  
  5. Build a fort. 
  6. Camp in the backyard.  
  7. Have a family sleepover in your living room.  
  8. Put on a play.  
  9. Build a solar oven and make smores.  
  10. Play a board game. 
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#9 Build a Solar Oven & Make Smores

100 Fun and Productive At Home Activities to Do With Kids

Activity Ideas # 11-20

  1. Make a home video. 
  2. Play Charades.  
  3. Have a dance party.
  4. Bake something. Try this homemade Italian bread recipe!
  5. Cook family meals. 
  6. Write + send letters to family members + friends (Teach your kids the format of a friendly letter + how to address an envelope.)
  7. Make slime. Find recipes on YouTube.
  8. Exercise – walk, run, jumping jacks, push-ups, stretches, etc.  
  9. Read. Incorporate “Drop Everything and Read” days. First, set random timers to go off throughout the day. Then, when they go off EVERYONE – including you – needs to drop whatever they’re doing and read for a specific amount of time – 10 minutes is an excellent place to start. 
  10. Play bingo. 
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#17. Make Slime

Activity Ideas # 21-30

  1. Do a scavenger hunt. You can create one yourself or check out Let’s Roam’s in-home scavenger hunts.
  2. Have a spa day. 
  3. Meditate. 
  4. Learn and practice yoga. 
  5. Take karate online. 
  6. Enroll in an online dance class.
  7. Learn a language. 
  8. Take a virtual trip to a museum.  
  9. Go on a virtual trip to the zoo.  
  10. Virtually explore a new city. 
First Month Free!

Activity Ideas # 31-40

  1. Go on a virtual trip to a national park.  
  2. Complete a puzzle. 
  3. Clean the house. 
  4. As a family, make + implement a chore list. 
  5. Work together to create a daily family routine.
  6. Sing songs.  
  7. “Build” a home. Create a budget and let the kids choose items. First, have kids “shop online” to furnish and decorate the house. Then, they can draw a picture of the house. Similarly, they can print images to create a collage. Either way, definitely have them draw a floorplan. Older kids can even include room dimensions and square footage. Additionally, you can use our premade house-building activity guide.
  8. Have a fashion show. 
  9. Play a trivia game. 
  10. Try a word game. When my kids were little, I used to write 8-10 letters on a sheet of paper, and the kids would have to make as many words as possible with the letters. The person who made the most words won. You can award actual prizes or use our no-cost award list for ideas.
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#44 Learn to Draw with Muffalo Potato

100 Fun and Productive At Home Activities to Do With Kids

Activity Ideas # 41-50

  1. Adopt a pet.
  2. Play with your pets. 
  3. Teach your dog a new trick.
  4. Draw with Muffalo Potato.  
  5. Learn with Khan academy. 
  6. Have a movie marathon.  
  7. Hold a carwash with the family cars. 
  8. Wash their bikes.
  9. Teach home economics. Choose topics like financial literacy, housekeeping, taxes, daily life skills, etc. 
  10. Plant something. For example, you can plant a tree, flowers, vegetables, etc. 
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#54. Complete an engineering project.

Activity Ideas # 51-60

  1. Paint a picture.  
  2. Color.  
  3. Free draw.  
  4. Design and complete an engineering project. To begin with, collect random items from around the house, such as unused boxes, toilet paper rolls, string, paper clips, etc. Then, see what can be built. Work together and be creative! To get started, use YouTube to find some fun projects.
  5. Redecorate bedrooms. 
  6. Have a family sports game. Think football, basketball, ping pong, etc.  
  7. Use Zoom to have a playdate with friends. 
  8. Have a family reunion via Zoom.
  9. Host a Zoom dinner party. 
  10. Make & mail cards for people in a nursing home. 

Activity Ideas # 61-70

  1. Help others. For instance, you can make & deliver a meal for someone who needs it in your community. 
  2. Go caroling around the neighborhood. 
  3. Put on suits and go swimming in the bathtub.  
  4. Create products like bookmarks, bracelets, art, slime, etc. Then, set up a store and shop at home. Or, hold an “auction” online with family and friends. Use this time to teach about money. Also, discuss economy, supply and demand, pricing strategies, manufacturing, retail displays and marketing.
  5. Start a family vlog, blog, YouTube Channel, or Tik Tok channel.   
  6.  Do a day in the life. If your child is thinking of becoming a vet, pretend they’re a vet for a day, watch videos and learn about what they do and ask your child to pretend to be in that role for the day. For example, if they want to be a lawyer, create a case, and hold a mock trial. 
  7. Enjoy documentaries about space. Check out Common Sense Media for ideas.
  8. Explore documentaries about history. 
  9. Watch documentaries about sports.
  10. Check out BBC Earth Kids
Watch this video on YouTube.
#76 Watch Teen Kids News

Activity Ideas # 71-80

  1. Find and play fun Jackbox Games
  2. Visit Scholastic Education.
  3. For free learning activity ideas and printables and Check out Scholastic’s Activities for Kids page.
  4. Learn from Study Jamz for FREE and fun educational Science Videos by Scholastic.
  5. Check out more Free Resources from Scholastic.
  6. Tune in to Teen Kids News by Scholastic
  7.  Watch CNN10 together every morning.
  8. Plant a Garden. This at home activity with your kids will also help to feed the family!
  9. Play the “Solo Cup Relay” water game outside. Find details here. 
  10. Go outside and play “Sponge Toss” water game in the backyard. 

100 Fun and Productive At Home Activities to Do With Kids

Activity Ideas # 81-90

  1. Fill a bucket, get some ice, and play “Frozen Feet” outside. See the game instructions here. 
  2. Play “Sponge Tag.” See the game instructions here. 
  3. Print out our checkers board and play checkers.
  4. Tell jokes. Find a joke of the day site and share laughs. Additionally, families can create and share videos telling the jokes. Popular forums for sharing videos are TikTok, Facebook stories, or Instagram stories. This at home activity with the kids will keep the family smiling for days!
  5. Take a hike.  
  6. Go for a walk. 
  7. Try tie dying socks. 
  8. Use bandanas. Tie dye bandanas. (You can use these as masks!)
  9. Tie dye t-shirts. 
  10. Ride bikes. 

Activity Ideas # 91-98

  1. Host a hunt. You can hide items around the house or yard and have the kids find them. Think Easter egg hunting. 
  2. Gather all the printed family pictures and create a scrapbook. Or, have each child create their own scrapbook. 
  3. Complete a paper mache project. 
  4.  Create a family tree. Kids can draw pictures or past pictures to a poster board. Or, kids can use photographs to make a mobile. Get creative. Make something they can hang up in their room or another part of the house. 
  5. Create a birthday tracking calendar. First, write down all your family member and friends’ names. Then write their birthdays. After that, organize each by month. Also, you can print an actual calendar or make a list separated by each month. Or, download this one for free and fill it out together. 
  6. Make birthday cards for family and friends. You can mail them or even take a drive and leave them on their doorstep or in their mailboxes. 
  7. Make presents for family and friends.  
  8. Pull weeds and clean up the yard. This at home activity with the kids often gets overlooked. Make it fun, so it doesn’t feel like work. You can even have a fun water party afterward to celebrate a job well done.

100 Fun and Productive At Home Activities to Do With Kids

Activity Ideas #99 -100

  1. Have the kids help organize the kitchen cabinets. First, explain why organized cabinets are important. Explain that it makes it easier to find stuff and saves time. Plus, things are less likely to be lost or broken. Then, talk with them about placing heavier items in lower cabinets. Explain how and why stacking is used to save space. See if they have any ideas for storing items that are always cluttered. For instance, how can pot lids be better organized? Also, see if they can figure an excellent way to organize Tupperware lids. Do you need to free up space? If so, then think about tossing old, broken, or heavily soiled items. Also, consider donating items you never use. 
  2. Have the kids help you to clean out the refrigerator. While you’re working, talk with them about healthy food storage practices. First, show them how to use masking tape and a sharpie to add dates to refrigerated containers. Use the internet to see how long specific types of leftovers can be stored. For example, leftover mac and cheese keeps for 3-5 days when refrigerated. 

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